A Review Of Teds Woodworking Package

A Review Of Teds Woodworking Package

Hello there, I am going to do an honest review of the Teds Woodworking Package. The program been getting rave reviews all over the internet for some time now.

What is the Teds Woodworking Package:

The Teds Woodworking Package was created by Ted Mcgrath who has been into carpentry and professional woodworking for more than 30years. He is currently a member of the architectural woodwork institute (AWI). which speaks volumes about his credibility and professionalism in woodworking.

He created the teds woodworking system after many years of trial and error when working on different woodworking projects. After compiling all his 30 years of experience he spent another 2 years creating what would be the number 1 woodworking package and that was how the ted woodworking system was born.

I am providing below my opinion on what I love about the package, what I do not like about the package and my summary conclusion.

What I love about Teds Woodworking Package:

1. It contains lots of comprehensive and detailed step by step guides that any woodworking lover would find impressive and valuable especially beginners.
2. I also love the “how to start a woodworking business” that shows you ways to even turn your woodworking passion into profits. That is totally cool.
3. Like I said it comes with over 150 training videos that covers every woodworking aspect you can think of and I find that totally educative and worth the investment. Some of the other bonuses you will find inside includes:
4. 1-Free drawing and cad plan viewer - This will help you to be able to measure bxf, bwg and gwf as well as you get xref support for block attributes.
5. 150 premium woodworking videos. You can sit down from the comfort of your home, watch and almost instantly becoming a woodworking plan exert!.
6. The complete woodworking carpentry guide.
7. Free lifetime membership area.
8. It comes with 100% money back guarantee for 60 days – that means you have 60 days to try the program out and if you are not satisfied you can ask for a refund, no questions asked. That takes any risk whatsoever from your hand!
9. It got a award in 2009 for the woodworking associations readers choice.

What I don’t like about it:

1. 16,000 plans can be overwhelming in the beginning
2. It might feel a bit disorganized with the volume of plans available

My conclusion:

There are tons of different woodworking courses out there online. But none of them are as comprehensive with details about blueprint, plans and schematics for almost all the woodworking plans you can imagine like the Teds Woodworking Package.

So, whether you have passion for woodcrafting or you are a beginner who needs more tips and information guides about woodworking then I recommend you give the Teds Woodworking Package a try. With the money-back guarantee, there is nothing to risk. It gets my 100% recommendation.

Once you have purchased, be careful to not let the massive amount of plans and information overwhelm you. Start out by knowing what you are looking for, search for those relevant plans and select one that you feel comfortable for your upcoming project. You can start by the following category:

» Bed Plans

» Chair Plans

» Children’s Plans

» Furniture Plans

» Shed Plans

» Table Plans

Or, if you are really new to woodworking, check out my post on The Beginners Guide To DIY Wood Projects and Beginner Easy-To-Do Woodworking Projects.

Overall, I give my 100% recommendation for the Ted’s woodworking package.

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